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Cancer Prevention

Discover nutrition and lifestyle practices that support optimal health while reducing your risk for cancer. Whether you’re seeking prevention, recovery, or support for survivorship, you’ll find reliable, research-based information and resources to support you and your loved ones along your journey.

Jason Bosley-Smith

Jason Bosley-Smith, MS, LDN, CNS, FDN

Clinical Nutritionist and Integrative Health Expert, Published Author & Educator

Jason Bosley-Smith, MS, LDN, CNS, FDN is an expert in clinical nutrition and integrative health with advanced degrees and certifications from Maryland University of Integrative Health and the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

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Strategies for Prevention

Discover tips and techniques you can apply daily to reduce your cancer risk while improving immune, digestive and metabolic health.

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Nutrition and Cancer

Learn the dietary patterns, foundational nutrition principles, and individual, cancer-protective nutrients that can fortify your cancer defenses through the foods you eat every day.

Integrative Health Practices

Blend modern science with traditional wisdom. Go beyond conventional approaches with cutting-edge, functional health & wellness practices that provide you with a complete sense of wellbeing.

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Evidence Based Education

Knowledge is not only power, but empowering. Explore reliable, research-backed educational resources designed to build your nutrition and cancer comprehension.

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